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Sunday Mornings

First Impressions

Coffee and Biscuit Runner -

What: Bring biscuits and coffee from the bakery at the Flying Biscuit to Mary Lin.

When: Two Sundays each month from 9:30 to10am

Who: This opportunity is perfect for coffee and snack lovers who want to provide a tangible gift to everyone who comes into our space on Sunday morning. Must be able to lift five canisters of hot coffee, (can be carried two at a time) and bring them to Mary Lin in a vehicle.

Why: Coffee and snacks are a delicious way to communicate that we care about everyone who worships with us. They add some energy to our worship time, too!



What: Offer a greeting and bulletin to those who come in for worship and help us collect our offering during worship!

When: From 10:30am to 11 and during the offering time of worship, two or three times a month.

Who: If you like saying “Hi” to folks and making sure that they have what they need, this is the perfect opportunity to greet the people you will be worshipping with! Must be able to stand or mosey for a half hour while passing out bulletins, and then bring the offering plate to each row during worship.

Why: Not everyone has felt welcome in church settings, but you as a greeter have a chance to make sure that everyone who enters Neighborhood Church knows that we want to worship and serve our community with them!


Parking Lot Greeters

What: Wave at the entrance of our main parking and chat with folks as they come in to our space!

When: From 10:30-11am, two or three times a month.

Who: If you like waving “Hello!” to people and making sure that they feel confident about where they’re going, this job is a chance to personally welcome and serve people. Must be able to stand outside for a half hour.

Why: Serve as the first friendly face many folks see as they come to worship, whether they’re worshipping with you for the first time or the fiftieth!



Delivery Team- A Driver and Team Members

What: Let's bring all the supplies to Mary Lin! Meet at the short-term storage container at 9am to load up the driver's truck and a few other vehicles and then bring them to Mary Lin to unload. Please bring these items to the right area so that our set-up team can arrange the items.

When: Delivery driver two times a month, from 9-9:30am and 12:15-12:45pm.

Delivery team member 2-3 times a month, from 9-9:30am.

Who: This opportunity is perfect for anyone who likes walking, driving, and putting in some effort to see big results. The driver must be ready to drive to and from the storage container at 9am and 12:45pm. The delivery driver and delivery team members must be able to lift 25 pounds. Ask Natalie Buck ( about how you can support our team as a driver regardless of your vehicle type!

Why: You can help our church community to worship God by making sure that our tables and bins are in the right place. Start your Sunday off with a chat by the storage pod before we head to Mary Lin to do some good work!


Set-up Team

What: Arrange the supplies on tables in the lobby, auditorium, and children's spaces.

When: Sundays from 9:30-10:15, two times a month

Who: If you like making a space look fun and beautiful or laying out food for guests, this is your opportunity! No heavy lifting is required for this job, just an eye for beauty and organization!

Why: Help us make our worship space hospitable so that everyone who enters our space will know that they are welcome at Neighborhood Church!


Clean-Up Team

What:  We will fold up tables, pack up supplies, and give away extra food to leave Mary Lin as beautiful as we found it. This clean-up crew places all items back in their labeled bins so that the pack-out team can bring them to the truck.

When: From 12:10 to 12:45, two to three times a month.

Who: If you like making things neat and tidy with the guidance of step-by-step pictures, then you can help us stay organized as we leave our space. No lifting requirement!

Why: As a community that is witnessing firsthand what it means to enter new places and go forth to serve God together as a community, help us to live that out right after our time of worship! Let’s be good guests at Mary Lin and great travelers by leaving our space clean and neatly packing up our items so that we can use them next week!


Move-Out Team

What: Work as a team to bring items down the hall and to the delivery truck and designated vehicles.  Come with us to the storage pod to store the items.

When: This opportunity begins as the first few rugs and bins are ready to go down the hall and will wrap up at approximately 12:45; Two to three times a month.

Who: This opportunity is perfect for anyone who likes walking, driving, and putting in some effort to see big results. Must be able to lift 25 pounds and work until at leave 12:45. This team needs to have sufficient space in vehicles to transport the bins, so let Natalie Buck know if you have a vehicle to use when you sign up! You can still participate if you don’t, but Natalie will need to know in advance.

The same driver who delivered the supplies will return the items to the storage unit. If this isn’t possible, call or email Natalie Buck when you sign up (701-210-0357 or

Why: Help the church to literally leave the building and go out into the world as we chat and serve together!




What: Aid in our weekly worship services by playing an instrument with our house band or by singing with the vocal group

When: Depending on the instrument you play, you might play a few times each month or a couple of times per season. For the choir, we feature a choral piece at least once per month. The band and choir rehearse on Sunday mornings at 10:15am.

Who: Anyone who plays an instrument can be put on the musician rotation. Anyone willing to sing can join the choir! Just email the Director of Music at

Why: We want to make our Sunday morning experience fun and enjoyable! We offer our talents to create music that aids our worship of God and connects us as a community.


Sound Techs

What: Serve as a sound technician for Sunday morning worship services. Set up the sound equipment and monitor levels during worship.

When: Sound techs are put on a rotation and can expect to serve a couple of times per month. We meet at 9:30am on Sundays and are finished by 1pm

Who: Anyone can serve in this role! After a couple of Sundays of training you’ll know the ins and outs of operating our sound system.

Why: We want everyone to be able to hear what is going on during worship. This role is essential for the congregation’s ability to understand the sermon, interact with the liturgy, and hear the music.



What:  Receive offering from ushers, take to church office (currently located in parsonage), count cash and checks and enter totals on offering record, place in safe.

When:  Sunday mornings following service, approximately 30 minutes, one to two times per month.

Who:  This job needs volunteers who like detail and are able to use a calculator.  They should be trustworthy with financial information of fellow NC members.

Why:  Those who choose to give financially to Neighborhood Church on Sunday mornings deserve/need to know their gift will be handled safely, efficiently, and circumspectly.


Other Times


What: GROW Kids is a once-a-month children’s gathering where kids are invited to learn and grow following developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities. Each gathering consists of music time and a focus scripture for the day, followed by breakout groups separated by age groups (Pre-K, K-2nd, or 3rd-5th grades)

When: The second Sunday of each month from 3:30-5:30 pm

Who: Anyone in 5th grade or younger! (Youth are welcome to join us as helpers)

Why: To have a fun time while connecting with other kids in the neighborhood, learning more about God and the bible, and participating in activities like arts & crafts, music, games, and more


Kids Small GROW Group Leaders

What: Co-lead a group of children (Pre-K, K-2nd, or 3rd-5th grades) at our monthly GROW groups for kids! Curriculum is provided and staff will handle the main facilitation/organization, so your job is to be directly connected with the kids and chat, sing, dance, read, and do activities with them.

When: The second Sunday of each month from 3:00-5:30 pm; no prep required—curriculum is provided; we ask that you commit to the full year in order to build relationships and provide a consistent presence for the children.

Who: Anyone who loves investing in the lives of children and building relationships with them; loving to sing, dance, and be joyful in community are other perks.

Why: Because we value children and believe it is important to create places in our community for them to connect and have age-level programming just for them!



What: Adults who are willing to share their gifts in various ways with children but don’t feel like being a small group leader is the way you are feeling called to serve.

When: Once (or however many times you want) on a second Sunday of the month from 3:30-5:30 pm; if leading a breakout session, some individual prep may be required

Who: Adults who want to use their gifts to invest in the lives of children and hang out with some really awesome kids in a more intentional way

Why: Because we all have something to bring to the table; and the kids love being taught new skills/getting to know new grown-ups who love and care for them.



What: Be a part of a small group of adults who gather weekly for conversation, prayer, and relationship building

When: Once a week at a set time for 10 weeks this fall (begins after Labor Day)

Who: People who want to connect with other folks in the area, who want to pray and share life with other Neighborhood Church folks

Why: To strengthen your relationship with God and experience Christian community with fellow Neighborhood Church and community people


Adult Grow Groups Facilitators

What: With a partner, guide a small group of adults who gather weekly for conversation, prayer, and relationship building

When: Once a week at a set time for 10 weeks this fall (begins after Labor Day), plus monthly check in conversations with all other facilitators

Who: People who enjoy helping guide people to know God and other people more deeply

Why: To strengthen your relationship with God and help create Christian community with fellow Neighborhood Church and community people


Resource People (see also Ideas for Serving Creatively!)

We don’t want your capacity to restore the world through relationships with God and community to be limited by the ideas of our staff! Do you have an idea for serving God and God’s people, in our congregation or in the community around us, or have special gifts or talents that you would be willing to share with others? Please take a moment and glance at the “Ideas for Serving Creatively” worksheet and/or send us your ideas!