Reverend Rob has served in all types of ministry settings since his first ministry job in 1975. He has served populations from youth to older age, rural to inner city, small churches, and large churches. He was a Senior Pastor in Georgia United Methodist Churches from 1984 – 2008, and served 8 years at his last appointment at Trinity United Methodist Church in Covington, Georgia. He also works with the understanding that (for churches) it is the presence of the Holy Spirit of Christ that empowers every truly successful activity. It’s the understanding and work of the Holy Spirit that makes abundant freeing ministry possible, regardless of demographics and/or circumstances. Rob is married to Susan Grant of Marietta, GA. (*Rob has plenty to say about contemplative spirituality and its historical development in America and its recent popular rediscovery. **None of this says anything about his career as a musician.). You can contact Rob, here.