4th Sunday in Lent, Year C, 2019

Confession & Affirmation

To come before God with the truth of our lives is itself an act of faith: we trust that the Holy One is interested in us, interested in our minds and hearts and souls. We trust that God’s mercy and grace are intended for us, too. With faith and in trust, let us make our confession to God:

Holy God, hear our prayer.
Sometimes our lives are a mess, because of choices we have made or because of choices others have made.

Sometimes our lives are great, and we’re kind and generous. Sometimes our lives are great and we forget to be to grateful and humble.
We trust that in the jumble of all of this, you are present.

We trust that you are with us, walking with us when we stray, nudging us back to the right path, slowing us down when we get ahead of you, and waiting for us when we lag behind.

We ask for your guidance, and pray that you will stay with us throughout the journey. Amen.

Adapted from Rev. Beth Merrill Neel // From her blog: Hold Fast to What is Good

3rd Sunday in Lent, Year C, 2019

Confession & Affirmation

You are the One who made us all – who made us whole.
So why do we live as though we are self-made, and in doing so, move to brokenness:
within ourselves,
with others, and with the world around us?

You are the One who made us – wonderfully and in mystery.
so why do we settle for something less than awe for ourselves and others?

Restore in us your Spirit,
that we may share life and breath with all creation.
This we pray in the name of Christ,
who spoke of such wonder,
in the birth of Spirit’s new life.


Adapted from Seasons of Creation // seasonsonline.ca

1st Sunday in Lent, Year C, 2019

The Temptation of Jesus //   Shellie Low

The Temptation of Jesus // Shellie Low

Confession & Pardon

Adapted from enfleshed.

It’s not at all about the need to think of ourselves as awful.
For many of us, that already comes too easy.
If you don’t need a smear across your forehead
because you wear it on your heart every day
hear these words:

You are not awful./God doesn’t think you’re awful./You were not created awful./There’s nothing divine that is born from believing you are awful.

If this is hard for you to accept, to believe, to hold deeply in your smeared heart, spend some time with that this season.

You have been lied to. /Heal./Resist./Unlearn those prayers that make you small. /Come alive again before you remember death.

But then, when you do, /when you remember you are good,
don’t settle for believing the journey is complete./It was never only yours to begin with./Let it lead you to questions of us:

Why do we, so good, turn on each other?

Why do we, so good, allow for evil to flourish

through white supremacy/or patriarchy/or poverty/or queer and/transphobia?/Created good./Created good./Created good.

But collectively invested in evil.
In its stories./In its profits./In its familiar./To re-member/is a collective occasion./A communal acknowledgment/of the choices before us./Let the remember-ing/that we are dust/and to dust we will return/ be a reckoning with our inseparable lives and deaths
be an apology for all we have chosen instead of each other
be a grounding in the promise
that we come from holy soil.

Holy dirt./Holy dust./Created good./In need of tending. /Rich with potential for beauty./Hungry for nutrients./Wild and unruly./Vulnerable.

The dust births new life.
The dust receives the dead.
In the dust we find each other
or eventually.

Collect for Aid against Perils

Book of Common Prayer
(We use
Greg Lafollette’s musical setting)

Lighten our darkness,
We ask you, we ask you O Lord;
And by your mercy,
Defend us, defend us, O Lord;
From all perils
And dangers of this night;
For the love of your only son,
Our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our [Creator], who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy [kin-dom] come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For thine is the [kin-dom], and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.