4th Sunday in Lent, Year C, 2019

Confession & Affirmation

To come before God with the truth of our lives is itself an act of faith: we trust that the Holy One is interested in us, interested in our minds and hearts and souls. We trust that God’s mercy and grace are intended for us, too. With faith and in trust, let us make our confession to God:

Holy God, hear our prayer.
Sometimes our lives are a mess, because of choices we have made or because of choices others have made.

Sometimes our lives are great, and we’re kind and generous. Sometimes our lives are great and we forget to be to grateful and humble.
We trust that in the jumble of all of this, you are present.

We trust that you are with us, walking with us when we stray, nudging us back to the right path, slowing us down when we get ahead of you, and waiting for us when we lag behind.

We ask for your guidance, and pray that you will stay with us throughout the journey. Amen.

Adapted from Rev. Beth Merrill Neel // From her blog: Hold Fast to What is Good